The Top Hamburger Commercial Sites

The Best Commercial Meat Grinder ( reviews take a look at different Meat Grinders and evaluate which is the best. Meat Grinders are not only a great device for a business however for individuals also. They are commonly utilized to form hamburgers, sausage, and grind other meat products in an efficient and safe manner. Interestingly some users make dog food by grinding the bones as well. Purchasing a commercial meat grinder enables chefs and amateur cooks the possibility to know exactly what it is that is being put into their meat. They get to take part in the process of developing the cut of meat and it provides the owner control over exactly what additions, if any, are made.

The review site Best Hamburger Press ( takes a look at the commercial hamburger presses out on the market. For durability and ease of use the My Burger Daddy edges out the competition. With the proper care, a commercial hamburger press can last for many years. The reliability, sturdiness, and simplicity of the machine make it a must have in any burger joint.

If you are looking for an unbiased review site for Commercial Hamburger Presses ( take a look at these reviews. Presses from Eurodib, Univex, and My Burger Daddy are evaluated on their price and performance. These presses were also evaluated on their long term costs. Not only do you need the hamburger press, but also the burger patty paper.

If you are looking for specifications to the burger daddy line of products their home page contains all the needed reference material. Although they are the newest of the manufacturers evaluated on the web sites, they seem to be providing the best value to their clients. My Burger Daddy ( has hamburger presses, a 4” model and a 5” model. They have 2 meat grinders, a #12 1-HP model and a #22 1.5-HP model. In addition they carry a commercial French fry cutter with 3 different size blades.

Your Moms Burger Bar ( takes a look at the do-it-yourself kind of items have become increasingly popular in higher-end cooking areas everywhere. It evaluates how a hamburger press can conserve money by allowing the proprietor of a restaurant to cut labor costs. The ability for a commercial hamburger press to produce 100 perfectly formed hamburgers an hour greatly lowers labor costs. In addition, buying beef in bulk and forming the patties in house saves costs in raw goods.

My Hamburger Press ( takes a look at various meat grinders. They take a look at My Burger Daddy, Univex, Uniworld, LEM, Hobart, and a few others. The site evaluates according to cost, durability, and ease of use. If you are in the market for a commercial meat grinder take a look at their site and pick the best model for your needs.

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Commercial Meat Grinders

Lem Meat Grinder

Your Burger Maker’s e-commerce store has been growing their product line quite a bit over the last year. One of the newest additions to their product line has been the commercial meat grinder . Their line card for the best commercial meat grinders is quite extensive and they offer 3 sizes to suite most commercial kitchens. They offer the #12, #22, and #32 head meat grinders from Adcraft, Vollrath, Hobart, LEM, Weston, Globe, and their newest manufacturer My Burger Daddy. According to their Vendor manager, Steve DeCormier, the LEM Meat Grinder is one of their top sellers.

Commercial Meat Grinders usually come in 2 different styles. There are the electric meat grinders and manual meat grinders. The ecommerce store, Your Burger Maker focuses on the commercial electric models, but depending on the amount of meat someone needs to process will determine the size and type of grinder they need. For instance 5 to 6 pounds of meat only requires a hand operated model, on the other hand 300lbs. to 400 lbs. of meat daily would require a commercial meat grinder. In addition to the amount of meat to be processed, another important factor is the coarseness of the meat. The “die” determines the coarseness of the ground meat. The fine, or smaller holed dies are used in meatballs, where’s the coarse or larger holed dies are used for chili and other processed food where there still needs to be more texture to the grind.

Since the manual meat grinders are available for small quantities and infrequent use, they are very inexpensive to use. However, one tip that most people using the meat grinder always give is to keep the meat cold. An hour in the freezer to add a little more rigidity doesn’t hurt. In addition, we suggest putting the manual meat grinders in the refrigerator for an hour or 2 before grinding meat.

The best commercial meat grinders from come in 3 main sizes. The smallest is the #12 meat grinder, and then comes the #22, and finally the #32 grinder. The smallest meat grinder (#12) is for 200lbs of meat, and the #32 can process up to 750lbs of meat per hour. The majority of the grinders are going to be made from stainless steel with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

Commercial meat grinders have 3 main parts. There is an auger, meat chopper and a die that extrudes the meat. All 3 items will be made from steel and the chopper will require sharpening depending on its use. In addition, there are a few accessories the best commercial meat grinders have. Most grinders are going to come with a sausage stuffer of some sort, a plunger, and a second die.

Meat grinders offer healthy and balanced ways to avoid store-bought and processed meats while providing you an unlimited number of fillers to create a wide array of tastes. Want to make apple stuffed sausages? No problem. Want to add chilies to your ground meat? No problem. The best thing a meat grinder can be used for is to ensure the perfect meats for your family, commercial kitchen, of restaurant. Grinding meat for sausages including applesauce or apple slices, root vegetables, or any other additives you desire for a variety of meats products.

Although the LEM #12 meat grinder is one of the top selling meat grinders in America, it has a .75hp motor. The more robust models have 1hp sealed electric motors.

Here is a quick guide for the best commercial meat grinder minimum suggested Horse Power Rating:

#12 – 1HP

#22 – 1.5HP

#32 -2HP+

The last thing a person buying a meat grinder wants to do is buy a second meat grinder with a lager motor. The pricing for the meat grinders varies quite a bit, but in general, a #12 with a 1HP motor is going to run about $450. The #22 meat grinder will run about $600 for a 1.5 HP model.

In addition to Your Burger Maker’s hot selling meat grinders, they also have a huge selection of Commercial Hamburger Press, Commercial French Fry Cutter, Patty Paper, Stuffed Burger Maker, and Sausage Stuffers.

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Hobart UW-50 vs Champion SD-20 Pot Washer

Champion Pot Washer
Having a utensil and pan washer for your business can be a time saving and wonderful addition to help your staff get through the cleaning process easily. Here are two different machines that are offered but which one stacks up in uses? Which one is the best pot washer?

Hobart UW-50

This is a Utensil and pan washer and it is stainless steel construction with solid state heat controls. It runs 2.1 Gallons per cycle. This washer also has a split front door for easy use. This washer holds sixteen full size pans or a one hundred and forty quart mixing bowl. It has two upper and two lower revolving anti clog washing arms. It has a heavy duty door and door hinges. This utensil and pan washer has three variable wash cycles and also has easy to clean removable baskets inside. The screens are also easily removable for cleaning food deposits.

Champion SD-20

The Champion SD-20 pot, pan and rack washer is designed to wash and sanitize many types of containers with a 20 pan capacity. This pot washer has a front loading split door. The top half of the split door raises up and the lower half folds down to create a drain table. It has a very flexible rack system and you can load and sanitize cake pans, meat lugs and molds. It also sanitizes deli parts, trays, buckets and machine parts. This pot washer has V jets that help to clean thoroughly. It is available with electric, infrared gas or steam heating. It is made of stainless steel and has easy to remove baskets for cleaning.

The Hobart UW-50 VS The Champion 2D-20

These two pan and utensil washers have many of the same things but there is much more flexibility in the Champion 2D-20 because you can wash many different items and the bottom is used for a draining rack as well. If you are running a restaurant and you need flexibility when it comes to washing your mixers and machines at the end of the night the Champion is flexible and has a flexible rack system.

The Champion also has moisture resistant gauges and digital control center for your wash so you can program it exactly as you want it to wash. The Hobart has three washes available which are two minute, four minute and six minute washes. The Hobart is a much more basic machine in comparison to the Champion.

The Champion pot washer is also designed for many types of businesses from restaurants to hotels and even hospitals because it has complete flexibility. When you are washing for large pans and utensils it is best to have flexibility and options when washing large pots and mixing bowls and blender parts.

The Hobart UW-50 is a very basic pan and utensil washer and it will wash bakery racks if that is all you need to wash however even in a bakery there are many different types of utensils to wash. If you need a versatile pot washer machine for your restaurant or bakery the Champion wins hands down in this comparison.

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Commercial Ice Maker Reviews

hoshizaki ice maker

There are a number of essential aspects to consider when buying a commercial ice maker for your dining establishment, bar or other food service business. Prior to looking at commercial ice makers, you’ll want to consider the following buying considerations:

  1. Identify the volume of ice you need the device to produce and how swiftly. Do you need just 20 pounds of ice a day? Or will you need hundreds of pounds of ice each day? In addition, how much ice do you need stored at one time?

  2. You’ll also want to consider where the device will be positioned within your workplace. Clearly a bigger area is needed for bigger sized freestanding commercial ice machines and a smaller sized space is required for smaller sized under counter commercial ice makers.

  3. In addition, you might want to think about how simple the design you pick will be to set up in your place of business and whether or not you will certainly need to purchase an ice storage bin, with removable bins, to accompany to ensure you have sufficient storage area for the ice that will be produced. Another crucial factor for commercial ice makers is whether they will remain cold sufficient to keep the ice from melting, in short, are the walls of the device properly insulated? You might wish to research commercial ice makers additionally to determine if they are not for condensation or frost build up and whether they are relatively quiet as well as the ever important factor of how energy efficient the unit is to operate.

If money and space is a factor and you only need small volume of ice produced each day, there are many commercial ice machines available from Hoshizaki, Scotsman and Ice 0 Matic that cost a few hundred dollars and their under counter models can be installed quickly underneath a bar or counter to conserve space. Keep in mind there needs to be 39” clearance. Obviously if you need a larger volume of ice produced daily, you’ll have to purchase a larger more expensive model. The larger commercial ice makers with greater ice production cost can cost several hundreds of dollars. The ice makers with special controls typically cost at least $1,000. These more expensive units are ideal for heavy use.

In addition to the above factors, you’ll want to consider the type of ice you need for your ice maker to produce. Many commercial ice makers typically produce crescent-shaped ice cubes much like the ones house fridge ice makers produce. There are some ice machines that make other shaped ice. Here are types for your reference:

  • Square shaped ice cubes which are individual hard, clear and square in shape.

  • Crescent shaped ice cubes which are individual hard, clear, half-moon shaped.

  • “Top hat” shaped ice cubes which are individual hard, clear and square.

  • Cubelets which are chewable, soft, light and little pellet shaped.

  • Flaked which are soft, light, chewable and are produced in multiple small shapes.

Some ice machines even allow you to adjust the thickness and density of the ice cubes it produces like a number of Hoshizaki Ice Makers  so you’ll wish to consider this factor in addition to all the other factors we’ve listed right here prior to you purchase your ice maker.

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